Teambuilding is very important in order to have a good cooperation among employees. We provide indoor teambuilding that comprises of many telematch games which can help to improve their teamwork, problem solving skill and efficiency.

We conduct several tele-matches for indoor teambuilding. The matches include ‘The Marshmallow Challenge’ where the participants need to build a tower using marshmallow and spaghetti. The winner will be chosen by evaluating the highest and most stable tower build by the participants. Another match is ‘Guide the Blind’ which one of the members will be blindfolded and the rest will guide him/her to pass over the water. Besides that, we also conduct telematch where the participants need to transfer the red beans from a basin to another by using chopsticks.  Apart from that, we also provide telematch that require the participants to blow the ping pong ball and move it from a cup to another that fills with water.

This teambuilding is a suitable and good investment for the factory operators. It can benefit the employees with great advantages and new knowledge. Firstly, it can help to inculcate the positive attitude in everyone’s selves including strong determination and good communication. Next, the activities helped the participants to encourage and support the team members in any situations. Subsequently, it can strengthen their relationship and elevate their work performance in the workplace. It contributed to the benefits for the company in a long run as it increases the efficiency of work and productivity. The activities will assist in enhancing their job engagement as everyone needs to commit in all activities with their respective roles. Finally, it can help to elevate their job happiness as they get a time-off from work to improve their performance and work efficiency. In a long run, it will benefit the company when the employees inculcate positive attitude and have a good teamwork.


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