Generally, technicians and engineers are often work side by side on big projects especially in developing cities like Ipoh, Perak, and Kuala Lumpur and their job functions commonly overlap. In the simplest term, an engineer is a problem solver. They take fundamental knowledge from science and use the rules of mathematics to solve problems and develop new products. However, for technicians, they are workers that are highly trained in carrying out complex task. They usually follow procedures developed by the engineers.

Engineers prefer to go to work applying the knowledge of science and mathematics to solve problems and design processes and products. Engineers are innovating new technologies every day especially in big cities like Ipoh, Perak, and Kuala Lumpur in order to make our world a better place to live and work. Engineers design and creating instruments, tools, furniture, computers and almost every other manufactured product that we use daily especially in developing cities like Ipoh, Perak, and Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, engineers also upgrade the buildings, roads, and cars. Engineers also develop systems to clean our water system, process our foods, and recycle our waste.

Furthermore, for technicians they tend to start their career with research, data collection, and engineering assistance. If the engineers are considered as the problem solvers, then the technicians are the actual doers that resolve the problem. Technicians will do their task to the best of their ability. They are committed to solving the problem in front of them, and ensure it is solved or fixed to the satisfaction of the customer especially for those who lives in big cities like Ipoh, Perak and Kuala Lumpur. There are various types of technician especially in developing cities like Ipoh, Perak and Kuala Lumpur including mechanical and material testing technicians which their job scope are often responsible for operating large test systems to learn about their characteristics by pulling, compressing, or twisting the materials. Other than that, automotive technicians are qualified to diagnose and repaired issues related with automobiles.

In conclusion, the difference of engineers and technicians are; engineers rely more on their theories while technicians are more focused on its practical application. Overall, engineers and technicians have all the same capabilities. They are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable, and aim to help fix customer issues to the satisfaction client.

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