Human Capital Development


Organizations need effective human capital and human resource management to recruit and maintain a strong workforce. Since the demand for new talent changes constantly, having strong human capital and human resource skills is a strategic priority,

Our service area covered all aspects of workforce and talent management, including the employee lifecycle from recruiting to development, succession and performance management, time and labour management, workforce planning and analytics, as well as contingent labour management.

Our professional consultants will bring a hands-on, collaborative, yet analytic, approach to provide holistic solutions in a way that creates impact on organizational performance and results today and into the future

Talent Management

A major part of retaining and growing individuals within an organization is providing employees with a clear picture of their opportunities for career growth and development.

Using a customizable proven approach to strategic workforce planning ensures there is alignment between the people and business strategies needed both in the short term and long term.

Corporate Training

We offer training consultation services and conduct an extensive training need analysis on your company behalf. Using a collaborative approach, we work with your company in a coaching and advisory role for all your learning and development needs.

Our learning partners are some of the most respected names in the area of training and development. Our in-house team of professionals assist these trainers and learning partners for all their requirements.

Team Building

We understand both extremes of the spectrum and can design you a Team Building event that will benefit your organisation by providing just the right mix of activity and learning to suit your organisational needs.

Our approach to team building and training will include all participants in both the indoor and the various outdoor activities. By doing so, it can improve greater team morale, motivation, confidence and team effectiveness.

Wellness Consultancy

With growing focus on leading healthier lifestyles, health and wellness are being driven by evolving consumer needs, new product innovation, and competition from new entrants in this market. Thus, as company become more aware of the benefits of employing healthy and happy staff, wellness programs are being incorporated into company strategies for promoting a healthier work place.

Our professional consultant will provide insights and advise in the health and wellness arena and also support companies that promote healthy living. Within health and wellness, we have a long track record in the specialty nutritional supplement, healthy food and beverage, and consumer health segments.

Our comprehensive services will offer your company with leading edge, implementable and customizable solutions so you can help your employees to achieve an optimal wellness and create a platform for growth and success.

Service Include:

  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Health Risk Management
  • Occupational Health
  • Health Screening
  • Corporate Fitness
  • Stress Management