Ir. Ts. Dr. Lee Wai Yin

Consultant & Trainer

He has 18 years of industry experience and  specializes in engineering, people development, team building, corporate governance, business advisory and green technology. He consults and trains in the areas of attitude, soft skills, technical skills, corporate governance and finance, business strategy and restructuring. Ir. Dr. Wayne Lee started his career as a design engineer after graduated from UTP with ​Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. After gaining experience in research and development of technology in manufacturing firm, he moved his career to sales and marketing field, and continue study in Master of Business Admin (NTU).  With the rapid grew in his career, he was involving in top management and entrepreneurship. With those experience, he would like to deliver it to working adults and students.  He went through the train the trainer program by PSMB, and become certified trainer. Now, he develops people and improve productivity by increasing human capital effectiveness and efficiency. He is pursuing Doctor of Business Admin (USM), specialize in Human Capital Development, so that continuous improve his knowledge and skill; thus deliver it to the participants.