Corporate Social Responsibilities


Angpao giving to the children during New Year.


Presenting laptop to unfortunate children.


Education talk for community, collaborate with Ipoh Love & Care Society.


DIY art and Christine’s education fun play with child.


Provide school-going needs for unfortunate children.


Give an angpow to Ipoh Love & Care Society’ s top scorer in exams.


Ipoh Love & Care Society families’ group photo before starting education with travel day to My Gopeng Resort.


Since its foundation of Leadway Consultancy, we believe along with sustained economic performance, environmental and social stewardship is also a key factor for holistic business growth. In LWC, we hold our responsibility to the environment and society. Our commitments towards Corporate Social Responsibility include but not limited to, promotion of education and healthcare, energy and climate change, and betterment of the society through respect for universal human rights and the environment, acting with integrity and accountability and operating responsibly and sustainably.

The main objective of Leadway Consultancy is to make Corporate Social Responsibilities as one of the key focus areas to adhere our interest in environment and society that focuses on making a positive contribution to society through effective impact and sustainable development programs.