Treat your colleagues with respect and get your job done ethically are the attributes of a positive attitude in the workplace. Great performance and a positive attitude are the elements needed for someone to consider success in the workplace. Mr. Wayne Lee, a certified trainer who is also the principal consultant of Leadway Consultancy (M) Sdn. Bhd will gently help you climb the ladder of success in orientation with your specific career goals.

Leadway Consultancy (M) Sdn. Bhd organized the Positive Attitude and Career Success in Workplace Training on 21st January 2020. The training took place in the Tower Regency Hotel and Apartment, Ipoh and facilitated 16 staff from the hotel itself. The staff involved came from various departments including the Maintenance Team, Food and Beverages Team, Front Desk Team and Housekeeping Team.

To make the training fun and interesting, there were many activities conducted including sharing sessions, playing games, cheerleading and also construct a tower by using marshmallows and spaghetti. All the productive activities required good teamwork and challenged the trainees’ confidence as well. To boost the trainees’ motivation and participation, the tokens of appreciation will be accounted to the particular participant or group when they have accomplished the missions or willing to answer any questions. During the session, Mr. Lee emphasized the fundamental importance of a positive attitude as it can help in your career path along with establishing a good reputation and impression to your employer and prospective managers.

The key takeaways obtained by the trainees will surely enhance their confidence as well as the motivation to succeed in their career journey. Importantly, the training will give an insight for the trainees on the importance of applying a positive attitude. All the participants and trainer dismissed at 5.30 pm with new motivation and spirit.

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