In 2018, Leadway Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd organized a talk with Great Eastern Malaysia (Ipoh Branch) in Ipoh. The topic chosen was about the selling skill by using FAB Approach. The talk was delivered by Mr. Wayne Lee, the principal consultant of Leadway Consultancy. FAB Approach is an approach that comprised of Features, Advantages, and Benefits. It helps you to connect with your potential prospects or clients better as it can be used in sales presentations, sales scripts as well as marketing communication materials. It also assists to deliver messages of sales and marketing concisely. The three components are interrelated to each other. Features are the factual attributes of your product, business or services. Meanwhile, Advantages are the positive depiction of the features. Lastly, Benefits can be referred to as the reasons why people need to value the advantages of the feature of your product. It acts as the connection between your product and turns into a solution for your prospects and clients.

FAB Approach can help you boost your sales and profits as it makes you understand better your potential prospects’ needs. Most of the customers are keener to know more about the advantages and benefits that they can get rather than the features. By using this approach, it facilitates you to listen to them. You need to put yourself into their shoes and then you are good to go! From the customers’ perspectives, you are not selling a product or service, but you are selling a solution to their problems. It was proven that huge business success was when you understand your prospects’ problems and provides solutions that aligned to it. It showed that you are understood your customers’ needs and what they really care about. Apart from that, the FAB statements are important in justifying why people need to buy from you. Give it a try when you are dealing with your clients or customers and see how far it goes. By using the FAB Approach, you will leave your competitors behind!

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